Women Entrepreneurship Program (WEP)

AIWA – SF continues to support the growth and the success of the Women Entrepreneur Program (WEP), an umbrella project of AIWA that is implemented by the American University of Armenia (AUA). For the last eight years the WEP program created platform for innovative women entrepreneurs in Armenia, teaching them skills and strategies needed to start a business and succeed in it.

We are pleased to announce the 6 winners of the WEP 2013 program, out of 32 young participants, who joined the program bringing their unique entrepreneurial ideas to have the opportunity of becoming successful business women in the future.

WEP Graduates Dinner
WEP Graduates Dinner

Silva Yuzbashyan, with her Syrian-Armenian Cuisine business, and Anna Zakaryan with herNursery Growing African Violets took the first two places. Ayta Santurian, with her Armenian needlework, and Sona Sahakyan, with her ExpLori Camping Area in Stepanavan, were the second place winners. Askhen Chaljian, with her Handmade Trinkets, and Tatevik Avetisyan, with her Eco Architecture and Design Studio in Yerevan, were granted the third place.

“The WEP program gave us the opportunity to get away from the devastation in Syria and focus on what to do to rebuild our lives”, remarked, Silva Yuzbashyan, the first place winner for her business plan at WEP program at AUA.

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