We asked: “What does it mean to be an Armenian Mom”?

By: Christine Soussa


As an Armenian International Women’s Association, we talk a lot about our culture, language, heritage, food, religion, values, etc. Sometimes these conversations are serious, sometimes lighthearted, but they usually center around the spirit of “the Armenian household”.  We thought it would be fun to ask some Armenian Mom’s at all ages “what does it mean to be an Armenian Mom?”  We asked expecting Moms, new Moms, Grandmothers and Great-grandmothers to share their wisdom with us.

Here is what they had to say:

Being an Armenian mom is a difficult task – Keep the heritage, culture and meet the communities’ expectations. Armenian mom’s would love to have the best for their children, we give things up for them, we sacrifice our life to please our children. Kherat: Have patience, Faith and trust your children through God’s blessings.  Armenian Mom’s love their family more than they love themselves; their love is unconditional towards their children.~Beirut, Lebanon 1956

As a young girl born and raised in Armenia, my generation thrived to possess all key characteristics aka “good wife and Mother”. In my case, I took this concept to the next level by diligently crafting my capabilities to fulfill the best role model as wife and mom. To be a “Good or exceptional mom” in the Armenian culture the characteristics are defined as being educated with a college degree, domestically versed cooking, cleaning, caring, loving, forgiving, intelligent yet humble, always willing to compromise when necessary to keep peace within the household. Strong faith in God and family unity…always doing right by those you love and give endlessly because in the end we rely on each other for trust, humility, courage, strength to withstand all obstacles of life as it occurs…The key component of Armenian mothers is the very element of deep connection with their children and family members for life…will fight to preserve to the end no matter what the consequences. ~Yerevan, Armenia 1955

Keep our culture which includes language, religion, food, traditions, etc. Implant Armenian spirit in our kids and make them proud of their origins. Teach them to pass it on to our next generation. ~Abu Dhabi, UAE 1981

Provide moral, emotional, financial support to every individual in her home while protecting her children. It is critical to have a God centered home and establish the importance of faith, family and the Armenian spirit. An Armenian Mom creates a home of love and laughter while ensuring that her family unit remains intact throughout all of life’s phases. ~Yerevan, Armenia 1947

If you are an Armenian Mom and hire a cleaning service, you clean things before and after the cleaners are done. ~Baku, Azerbaijan 1983

As an Armenian mom-to-be, I, in partnership with my husband, will raise our child not as an Armenian, not as an American, but as a proud, devoted Armenian-American. We will instill in our child the values and culture our Armenian families have taught us, and in doing so, cultivate in him the ability and skills to strive for betterment, purpose, and impact. Our child, too, will then be able to do the same for his family and his future children. Being an Armenian mom-to-be means devoting oneself to sharing the language, values, stories, and culture of our people with one’s children, family, and community, no matter where we are geographically located. Lead by example, and be proud of who you are– spiritually, physically, and culturally. I am proud to be an Armenian-American mom-to-be. ~ San Francisco, America 1981

Love her children, grand- children and great grandchildren. Takes care of family by providing food, of course Armenian, made with love. ~Beirut, Lebanon 1929

Being an Armenian Mom is looking into my children’s eyes and realizing they are beautiful pieces of fabric in the tapestry of our history and our future. ~Burbank, America 1981

With tremendous value on faith, family, language, food, etc. Armenian Moms do everything with love, patience and in God’s Grace. ~Athens, Greece 1920

An Armenian Mother should develop the following in her offspring: love of family, community, religion and Armenian culture.  She should make sacrifices for the well-being of her family.  Finally she should encourage the preservation of the Armenian heritage for future generations. ~ Astrakhan, Russia 1915

My first thought was remembering my mother and what she did for her two children.  I think after having children, their number one priority becomes planning their life around the children. Sometimes, the father feels left out, because the focus of their wife is one hundred percent on the child. Armenian mother’s want to be involved in their child’s life, their school, friends, interests, and activities. Seeing their children happy and healthy gives them the biggest joy of their life. An Armenian mother will put their children’s needs ahead of anything that is happening in her life.  My mother always called my brother and me her two stars in the sky, and that is how I feel about my children. ~Tehran, Iran 1955

I want to make sure my daughter knows the pride I have inside of me as Armenian woman…To know that we come from a rich cultural history and background of survivors under a strong Christian church.  in addition, i want her to know about her paternal Great-grandparents and their Genocide survival and then thriving in Fresno.  We all have our stories – I just want her to know ours and our people. ~Fresno, America 1978

All Moms love their children and families but Armenian Moms are determined to make sure their children know about their heritage and rich culture. I did not marry an Armenian but my children speak the language, eat the food and are proud of their Armenian ancestry.  Mothers set the tone of the household and have a responsibility to make sure their children and grandchildren know where they came from. ~Baghdad, Iraq 1950

3 comments on “We asked: “What does it mean to be an Armenian Mom”?

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  2. It is so difficult to be a Armenian mother in another country, because not only we have to be make sure our children learn that language and culture, which is new for us, also we must teach them our own language and culture. We feel obligated to be a teacher, which is not easy job, people go high college to learn to teach. Also we have to cope to to our new environment and new culture, not to judge our children the way live, which is very different from our lives. We can’t fail our children, it’s in our blood, that is why we literally give our life to them, because we can’t live like them and they can’t live like we did, so somebody has to give up, and that person is always mother… or… father.

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