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AIWA-SF Workshop: Women’s Financial Empowerment

In October 4th 2014, AIWA SF conducted the Women’s Financial Empowerment workshop, sponsored by IBM, at Mission College in Santa Clara, CA.


This was the first workshop of its kind with topics addressing financial education specifically for women.  Three successful and established professional  women in the field of finance hosted the workshop: Rita Hovakimian, Armine Matentsian and Sona Tatiyants. They shared insightful knowledge with the workshop participants.

Rita explained and addressed how the eight money archetypes impact our financial decisions and future.  For all of those who were not able to attend the workshop but are interested in learning more, please visit Rita Hovakimian’s web site at:

Armine addressed the importance of financial planning and explained the steps to building a solid financial foundation.  She engaged the audience with a Women and Investing quiz. This was very insightful and many of the attendees were surprised at the quiz answers.

Sona followed Armine questioning the audience followed by educational facts and details about estate planning.  The workshop was received with lots of enthusiasm and positive feedback.  “I got something from each presenter which added to my existing knowledge” wrote one participant.  “I wish there was more time” said several others.   All participants rated the event successful and the information relevant and meaningful.  There were requests for future workshops in investing with more live examples and even more details.

Speaker Bios:

aiwa_empowerment_resize5  Aiwa_financial empowerment

Rita Hovakimian is the owner and founder of Inspiring Success. Stared in 1990 Inspiring Success is currently a mult-6-figure business that brings clarity, focus and prosperity to women business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches and leaders.  Certified in many coaching modalities, Rita brings vast experience to the high achieving professional women, that she mentors and coaches. She understands that the path that leads us to success involves our relationship with money, and how we charge for our services correlates with our relationship to our self-worth.

By integrating the essential areas of their lives – spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental – Rita guides her clients into a relationship with money that is one of power and harmony, thus creating a fulfilling, inspiring, 6-figure plus income with joy and ease.  Inspiring Success empowers business owners to become financially prosperous by combining the spiritual principles Rita knows are effective with her practical business and marketing systems. She helps individuals discover their unique brilliance, and then inspires them into taking action to achieve their goals. Rita’s dream is for each of our individual passions to lead us to creating a prosperous life. For more information on Rita’s breakthrough coaching programs email her at

Armine Matentsian is an advocate of continuous education and planned Financial Future.  Known as a trusted advisor, she goes the extra mile to take care of her clients, including individuals and small businesses.  She helps the employers and the employees to understand their options for planning and taking necessary steps for their worry free retirement.  Armine holds an MBA degree from Pace University of White Plains NY, and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Polytechnic University of New York.  She spent more than 20 years working in the world of finance and technology, where she held highly regarded technical and leadership positions with Smith Barney and IBM.  Currently, Armine is an independent investment advisor registered with Transamerica Financial Advisors Inc., and a proud member of AIWA-SF executive committee leading local educational workshops.

Described by her clients as “the perfect lawyer for the job”, Sona Tatiyants, principal attorney at Tatiyants Law P.C. , understands the ever-changing and complex world of estate planning. As a wife and mother, Sona understands how overwhelming the world of estate planning can feel for a family. As an experienced lawyer, she knows just how important it is to have one in place. Just like no family is the same, no family’s estate plan is the same. With a deep understanding of the law and the tax-related complexities of her field, Sona works hard to personalize each family’s estate plan.

Sona received her BA degree with Honors in English Literature from University California, Santa Barbara. She completed her Juris Doctor degree Cum Laude from Southwestern University School of Law and her LLM Degree (Masters of Law), in Taxation with emphasis in estate planning from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles. Sona started her law practice, Tatiyants Law P.C., in 2010, and currently has 2 office locations in Southern California. Sona also virtually works with clients throughout CA and in other parts of the country.

AIWA SF is planning on 3 workshops in Bay Area next year  with the topics of health and diet, career choices and resume as well as interviewing skills,  and more financial education for women.

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