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The Armenian International Women’s Association San Francisco Affiliate (AIWA-SF)  is proud to announce its partnership with Meghedi Melody Nazarian in collaboration with her latest project, “Hearts of Armenia,” a photo book inspired by hearts she captured all over Armenia during her 6-month stay from April through October 2015.

After photographing over 150 hearts throughout Armenia, Meghedi knew she had to do something about it. “Everywhere I turned, I began to notice the love swirling around me: friends linking arms, relatives hugging, lovers embracing. Whether romantic, plutonic, or familial, the warmth and hospitality that’s exchanged in Armenia is palpable. So it’s fitting that as soon as I arrived, I started seeing hearts everywhere I looked: in the shape of leafs, rocks, and flowers; as graffiti and art, and in so many other forms. Finding heart after heart started to become a symbolism for all the love I felt in my Motherland.”hearts of armenia_red heart

AIWA-SF President, Christine Soussa says, “The captivating book truly captures the spirit of Armenia, despite the hardships; love and beauty surround Armenia as the center of its deepest emotion. We are delighted to partner with ‘Hearts of Armenia’ and thank Meghedi for donating ½ the proceeds to a critical AIWA-SF initiative.”

Women’s empowerment being near to her heart, Meghedi decided to team up with AIWA-SF and align the “Hearts of Armenia” project to a specific AIWA-SF initiative. Half of all proceeds of the book — which will be released just before the holidays — will directly support the Women’s Support Center of Armenia, an AIWA-SF initiative, which focuses on helping abused women in Armenia gain the voice they deserve. AIWA-SF Vice President Sophia Moradian says, “Contributions like Meghedi’s are essential for ensuring the success of our initiatives in Armenia. AIWA SF is grateful for Meghedi’s generous support and we are proud to be in partnership with her and ‘Hearts of Armenia’ “.  The book will be sold online and at various events and bookstores around San Francisco and Los Angeles. AIWA-SF is also accepting pre-sale orders.

For more information, contact  AIWA-SF or visit


  1. Beautiful soul that sees everything through heart! Thank you for that! Looking forward to the published book!

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