Call to Action: Karabakh Needs Us

Pray for ArmeniaThere are no words to express the pain and compassion we feel for the crisis happening in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Heart-wrenching stories are shared as families anxiously pray for the soldiers to make it home safely. Many will not return, as 30 soldiers have already perished. Others will survive, haunted by the brutalities they have experienced. The dark realities of war shake the deepest essence of one’s being. The sorrow and grief are consuming.

During this time, we aspire to be a spark of light in the darkness. A guardian, sending love and support to the families whose loved ones have given everything, literally their lives, to this unfortunate conflict.

As a result, AIWA-SF has established an emergency fund dedicated to directly supporting the mothers, wives and children of our lost soldiers. Women and children are disproportionately affected  by war and displacement. AIWA-SF feels a particular draw towards the women who are suddenly faced with the challenges of dealing with loss.  We are engaged with various avenues and are coordinating efforts with other organizations to ensure we reach those women and families most in need.

This is a call to action to our community: if you are able and willing to contribute to this fund we — and they — would greatly appreciate it.

We are deeply shaken by the realities, as lives are lost, families torn apart, and political rhetoric and threats continue.

Please send contributions to:

AIWA-SF: 15559 Union Ave Suite #227 Los Gatos, CA. 95032 

Kindly note Karabakh Special Fund in the memo section of the check.

We pray for a speedy resolution so this brutal bloodshed can end.

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