AIWA-SF accepting scholarships to the Watermark Conference for Women

The Armenian International Women’s Association – San Francisco (AIWA-SF) affiliate was awarded a scholarship for ten students to participate in the Watermark Conference for Women, Young Women’s Program.  The sold out conference will be on February 23, 2018 at the San Jose Convention Center.

This will be the third consecutive year that AIWA-SF will participate. Each year schools and organizations are selected by the Watermark committee to make this amazing conference accessible and relevant to Young Women.  The Young Women’s Program,  provides high school junior and senior girls with the opportunity to attend the Conference and participate in a seminar track designed especially for them.

AmalThe full day, life changing, conference is filled with a rich and inspiring agenda with amazing speakers, panel discussions and much more.  This year the keynote speaker will be Amal Clooney, our favorite human rights attorney! See the full list of impressive 2018 speakers by clicking here.  Involvement in this conference is such an amazing opportunity to engage with and hear from some of the worlds change agents.  We are incredibly grateful for our partnership with Watermark so we can make attendance and active participation a reality for our AIWA-SF community!

AIWA-SF is now accepting scholarship applications to attend the 2018 conference!


AIWA-SF Scholarship Application to the 2018 Watermark Conference for Women.


Thank you so much for applying to the AIWA-SF 2018 Watermark Conference Scholarship. It’s a remarkable experience filled with a day of inspiration, learning and connecting.

Full day conference: Friday February 23, 2018 at the San Jose Convention Center.

Kindly complete your application below. Limit your answers to 150 words per question. Once complete please email it to: aiwasanfrancisco@gmail.com.

All applicants must be Jr. or Sr. High School students and currently enrolled in a High School based in the United States. Out of town applicants are encouraged apply and will have to cover all travel expenses.

Name: ________________________________________________________________________ Age:_____________ School: _______________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________ Phone#:________________________________________________

Email: ________________________________________________________________________

Why do you want to attend the Watermark Conference? What do you hope to gain?

What does being an Armenian Woman mean to you?

What do you want to study in college and what profession are you attracted to?

What’s your favorite subject in school and why?

If selected to for the AIWASF Watermark Scholarship to attend the conference, how do you plan to share your knowledge and give back to the community?

Who/what inspires you? Why?

When you Dream Big what do you Dream?

How do you plan to leave “your mark”?

Send your application to: AIWA-SF || aiwasanfrancisco@gmail.com || www.aiwasanfrancisco.com


AIWA-SF is an affiliate chapter of the Armenian International Women’s Association,  the EIN #: 04-3113182. Donations marked for AIWA-SF are routed to the affiliate chapter.


About AIWA-SF:

The Armenian International Women’s Association is a dynamic global 501(c)3 dedicated to empowerment, education and enrichment. Through many projects and initiatives,  AIWA is dedicated to inspiring, empowering and connecting Armenian women worldwide. To learn more about AIWA, please visit http://www.aiwainternational.org.

To get involved with the AIWA-SF affiliate, please visit http://www.aiwasanfrancisco.com or send an email to aiwasanfrancisco@gmail.com. We are grateful for all donations. To help us promote progress, contributions can be mailed to: AIWA-SF 15559 Union Ave #227 Los Gatos CA 95032


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