AIWA-SF Thrive: Ani Mouradian

THRIVE is an AIWA-SF April project dedicated to highlighting Armenians who are doing amazing things in their personal and professional lives to better themselves and those around them.  These individuals are inspiring, dynamic, innovative and interesting. Today we feature Ani Mouradian.


Name: Ani Mouradian, Create Armenia
After finishing her studies at UCLA and Chapman University, Ani Mouradian moved to Armenia. She believes that the current climate in Yerevan grants every individual, who so desires, the opportunity to make lasting and impactful change. Having always been passionate about the arts, culture, and creativity, she found that her experiences and belief in the potential of Armenia’s creative talent made her an organic fit with the young team at Creative Armenia.

Creative Armenia is a new arts foundation for the Armenian people. Founded in 2017 by
a board including Serj Tankian, Michael Aram, and other preeminent artists, the non-profit organization pursues a global mandate to discover, develop, produce, and promote innovative artists. Based in Yerevan, the team itself is innovative and dynamic. Through its signature digital challenges, fellowships, and other programs, Creative Armenia is on its way to becoming one of the most interesting arts foundations of the world. Learn more at creativearmenia.org.



About AIWA-SF:

The Armenian International Women’s Association is a dynamic global 501(c)3 dedicated to empowerment, education and enrichment. Through many projects and initiatives,  AIWA is dedicated to inspiring, empowering and connecting Armenian women worldwide.

AIWA-SF is an affiliate chapter of the Armenian International Women’s Association,  the EIN #: 04-3113182. Donations marked for AIWA-SF are routed to the affiliate chapter.

To get involved with the AIWA-SF affiliate, please visit http://www.aiwasanfrancisco.com or send an email to aiwasanfrancisco@gmail.com. We are grateful for all donations. To help us promote progress, contributions can be mailed to: AIWA-SF 15559 Union Ave #227 Los Gatos CA 95032


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