Generous Heart: Dr. Raffi Hodikian

By: Ester Hodikian

Featured Father: Dr. Raffi Hodikian, M.D. || Esteemed Physician, Committed Husband, Devoted Father

image1Esteemed physician serving as a Hospitalist and Chief of Staff Elect at Foothill Presbyterian Hospital; Associate Medical Director of Southern California Hospitalist Network; and Medical Director of Remita Health.

Of all of Raffi’s roles, nothing compares to the title of loving father to three adoring daughters. He is treasured by a kindergartener and two preschoolers who impatiently await his arrival every night, to greet his entrance with cheers and tackle him with hugs. Whether he’s planning family vacations with the greatest pool slides in mind, sleeping on the floor in their room when they are sick, attempting to learn how to braid their hair, teaching them sports or cheering them in dance, he is present every step of the way. Nothing comes before his family.

He strives to continually empower his daughters by encouraging their sense of individuality, by instilling within them the value of knowledge, and by promoting the significance of preserving our culture while respecting those around us.

Dearest Raffi, your dedication to our family is unsurpassed. Your love is boundless and your generous heart is golden. Thank you for all that you do and all that you are. We celebrate and honor you this Father’s Day and every day.


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