AIWA-SF Thrive: Flora Bagdasaryan

THRIVE is an AIWA-SF April project dedicated to highlighting Armenians who are doing amazing things in their personal and professional lives to better themselves and those around them. These individuals are inspiring, dynamic, innovative and interesting. Today, we feature Flora Bagdasaryan.


Name: Flora Bagdasaryan, Director choreographer instructor of “YEREVAN”dance ensemble and sales specialist at Macy’s.
I was born in Yerevan Armenia, as a child I always loved dance. I was fortunate to be able to study dance in Armenia, where I eventually earned my dance certification. After my education I joined Yervand Saharuni Dance and Choirour Ensemble and got the opportunity to travel Europe. In 1980 I was able to represent Armenia along with the dance ensemble for the Olympics opening and closing ceremony in Moscow. In 1993 my husband an I decided to move our family to the US for a better life. After we settled in I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing form our lives. I really wanted to keep the Armenian culture alive in my children through dance, so in 1994 I started teaching dance at St. Andrew Armenian Church. Some time passed and I was invited to teach for the San Francisco Hamazgayin dance ensemble. In 2001 I started Yerevan Dance Ensemble in my garage with only 5 students. I have always taken pride in my students and the ability to keep our culture alive in the Bay Area though Dance. I have been very fortunate to have the support of my wonderful students and their families throughout the years.
Question: What is your life philosophy? 
To have my beautiful family and future filled with lots of love and happiness. I want to continue to teach Armenian culture through Dance to the Armenian communities. I am Proud to be Armenian and want to teach the same pride in the younger generations.
Question: What is your hope for the future?
My hope for the future is to see the world safe no war anywhere in the world. To see appreciation and respect for one another.
Question: What is your favorite thing about being Armenian?
I am proud Armenian because of our great history, rich culture, and hospitality.
About AIWA-SF:
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