AIWA-SF 2019-2020 Scholarship Recipients: Shushanik Aslanyan

For several years AIWA-SF has had a unique scholarship partnership with AUA. Our scholarship is both academic and pragmatic as we require students to participate in an internship. Suzanna Khatchatrian, Founding AIWA-SF Member and current AIWA-SF Executive Committee who oversees this initiative shares, “helping talented girls pursue their dreams and partnering them with meaningful and relevant internships for their future and career growth has given me purpose and joy as I oversee this project.” We are delighted to announce and feature our four 2019-2020 AIWA-SF scholarship recipients and share their stories and letters to us. Today, we feature Shushanik Aslanyan.

Shushanik_Photo 2Shushanik Aslanyan is a senior majoring in Computer Science at the American University of Armenia (AUA).

As an integral part of her AIWA San Francisco Affiliate’s scholarship award, Shushanik interned with Fimetech, a software company specialized in machine learning, robotics and more.

“I was interested in machine learning and artificial intelligence prior to this internship. So I was very excited to have had this opportunity,” Shushanik remarks about her summer experience.

During the time working at Fimetech, Shushanik was introduced to machine learning. She was involved in small projects and even managed to learn the Python programming language.

Arthur Isaghulyan, Senior Software Engineer at Fimetech, was Shushanik’s internship supervisor. He speaks of her as being a dedicated, attentive and responsible individual. He underlines the fact that she had great communication skills and performed her assigned tasks with great diligence.

Sushanik believes that AUA was the primary reason for her success in the workplace asserting that without the knowledge she has acquired at AUA she wouldn’t have been able to intern in that position. The internship has made her more confident and a better professional in her field.

Shushanik Letter

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