AIWA-SF 2019-2020 Scholarship Recipients: Syuzanna Melkonyan

For several years AIWA-SF has had a unique scholarship partnership with AUA. Our scholarship is both academic and pragmatic as we require students to participate in an internship. Gaiane Khachatrian, Founding AIWA-SF President and current AIWA-SF Executive Committee member shares, “year over year it is heartwarming to empower students through the gift of education. Paring them with an internship to give them real world experience is extra rewarding.” We are delighted to announce and feature our four 2019-2020 AIWA-SF scholarship recipients and share their stories and letters to us. Today, we feature Syuzanna Melkonyan.

Syuzanna_photo2Syuzanna Melkonyan is a senior majoring in Computer Science at the American University of Armenia (AUA).

Currently, Syuzanna is doing an internship at TeamViewer Armenia, which develops remote control desktop applications. Syuzanna is a C++ developer responsible for IoT (Internet of Things) section working on codes to improve the application. Her job responsibility matches her ambition, as she enjoys working in that field and believes that the TeamViewer software application is one of the best. She appreciates the supportive environment at Team Viewer and the professional skills she acquires every day.

Talking about her own impact on the company, Syuzanna mentions that the object-oriented skills and English language that she has acquired at AUA are essential for this position.

Although she wants to continue her internship, Syuzanna is also aiming to apply to the graduate program in Data Science and specialize in combining artificial intelligence with software engineering.


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