Thankful to ALL Helping Through this Crisis

For the first time, we all share a common enemy: COVID-19. Never has there been a time join handslike this; a time when every single person on the planet is on the same side. The magnitude of the COVID-19 virus is so significant that it is impacting the lives of every single human on the planet. For many of us, we start the second week of quarantine. We are scared together, we are hopeful together, we are all in this together. This pandemic shows how interconnected we are.

Not everyone is hunkered down at home. Many are not only working, but they are working overtime to help us all get through this.

Deepest thanks and gratitude to all those on the front lines, who are taking care of our society. Nurses, Doctors, First Responders, Rapid Response Teams, Scientists, Pharmacists, Care-takers, all medical staff, emergency services, experts, and global leaders, everyone who is coming together to fight this pandemic, THANK YOU. We cannot thank you enough for your compassion, dedication, expertise, love and commitment to the health of our society and our world.

To those providing essential services like, postal services, sanitation services, deliveries… those working at grocery stores…. THANK YOU!

Emergency professionals, 911-staff, police, military, National Guard and other first responders who are ready THANK YOU!

We are incredibly grateful for each and every one of you. As we forge ahead in unchartered waters with rapidly changing circumstances, please show kindness and gratitude. Please take the time to be grateful. Choose empathy and LOVE.



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