AIWA-SF Thrive: Argam DerHartunian

THRIVE is an AIWA-SF April project dedicated to highlighting Armenians who are doing amazing things in their personal and professional lives to better themselves and those around them. These individuals are inspiring, dynamic, innovative and interesting. Today, we feature Argam DerHartunian.

Argam DerHartunian, SVP, Product & Technology @HITRECORD. Argam is one who argamalways loves a challenge and change. He is currently leading product and engineering efforts at HITRECORD, a collaborative creative community founded by actor, director, writer, Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Prior to HITRECORD, Argam was Head of Product and Technology at Discovery Communications, focusing on the MotorTrend divisions. Prior to that he was VP of Product at PicsArt, a leading social editing app and creative community, having joined the company at the early stages of the company. He lead the rapid expansion of the team both in Armenian and the US and helped PicsArt gain to be the most used mobile photo editor in the world. Prior to PicsArt, Argam served as VP of Product at Vevo overseeing its mobile, web and TV apps. There he helped the online music video service achieve a significant boost in registration and engagement, especially among teens, launched manually curated TV channels and led growth in Germany, Poland and Mexico. Before Vevo he was a senior product manager at Electronic Arts and co-founded Creative Citizen, a platform that enables users to create, share and adopt solutions to reduce environmental waste.

Question: What is your life philosophy?
Challenge yourself everyday. Do something good for your body and great for your mind on a daily basis.
Question: What is your hope for the future?
To live in a world where people think more globally.
Question: What is your favorite thing about being Armenian?
The instant connection that happens when you meet another Armenian anywhere in the world.
Question: How has the Armenian culture shaped / influenced you?
The pride of being Armenian makes me strive to be the best I can be in the things that I do.



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