Meet AIWA-SF Board: Suzanna Khatchatrian


Meet AIWA-SF Board Member: Suzanna Khatchatrian, Senior Software Engineering Manager, IBM

{Q} What is your fondest memory of traveling to Armenia? 

{A} I was born and raised in Armenia and moved to US over 20 years ago. Since then I went back to Armenia several times, but my fondest memory is from my last year’s September visit. September is my birthday month and for 20 years I haven’t been back home in the Fall and I completely forgot how pretty, warm and happy Yerevan can be during that month. The smell and taste of perfect peach, the laughter on the streets and the stroll in the parks with the colorful leaves made my last visit very memorable and nostalgic.

{Q} What does being on the AIWA-SF board mean to you?

{A} I am very honored and humbled to be part of this very diverse and successful team. As a busy professional, AIWA-SF gives me a path to serve our Bay Area Armenian Community with various educational enrichment opportunities.

{Q} What is your favorite Armenian tradition?

{A} Celebrating Armenian Christmas with “Chamichov Plav” on Jan 6th, which is also my husband’s birthday!

{Q} Who inspires you?

{A} Intelligent and accomplished, yet humble and modest people.

{Q} If you could use technology to do one thing, what would it be?

{A} Make the transportation much more efficient, reliable and cheap to enable people to travel anywhere they need to go, whether to visit their loved ones or discover new places and experience new things.

{Q} What do you love most about where you grew up? 

{A} I love Armenian nature, its beautiful mountains, magnificent monasteries and churches and most importantly, the warmth of people of Armenia, whether it is a relative, or a friend, or just simply a neighbor who would come over for a cup of coffee.

{Q} Do you have any hobbies?

{A} I love to travel. Every year I try to go to somewhere new that I haven’t been before, whether it is in US or around the globe. My goal is to visit all the continents in the next 5 years. Visiting Africa and Australia will fulfill my short list!

{Q} Where is your favorite place to go in the Bay Area/San Francisco?

{A} I have several favorite places in the Bay Area here are some:

  • Stroll by Santa Cruz Natural Bridges and then visit local brewery for freshly brewed IPA.
  • Hike in Point Lobos then visit Refuge Spa and end the day with a nice dinner in Carmel.
  • A Vegetarian Dinner in SF Mission district then attend a concert at SF Jazz Center

{Q} What is her life philosophy?

As Bob Marley says “One love! One heart! Let’s get together and feel all right.”

{Q} What languages do you speak?

{A} Armenian, Russian and English

{Q} What advice would you give your younger self?

{A} Have another kid, Be more athletic, Buy Yahoo stocks in 96 and sell them at the end of 99.


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  1. Love your advice to your younger self!

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