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AIWASF Scholarship Experience – Internship at AmeriaBank 

By: Astghik Vardanyan (AIWA-SF Scholarship Recipient, AUA Student)

21556128_168939210336069_1107306001_oEverything started from the decision to continue my education at the American University of Armenia (AUA). Entering the leading university in the country was not just a purpose that any student could have but an investment in my education and myself. I had a real vision where to get that practical knowledge and skills that would soon be paid off in the job market.

After an incredible year at the MBA department, I was introduced to the Armenian International Women’s Association San Francisco Affiliate (AIWA-SF), the organization aims to empower female students and contributes to their future development and success. It becomes a bridge between the young generation and different companies: the bridge that led me to Ameriabank CJSC, one of the leading banks in Armenia.

I’m so proud to be the first who was selected for Ameriabank within this partnership. Being honest, I have never imagined myself in banking before. But everything was yet to come. I felt this was a great opportunity to experience myself in this industry. And I was right.

In the scope of the AUA, AIWA-SF, and Ameriabank partnership, I got the chance to spend three unforgettable months within the banks HRM Unit. This was a lifelong experience full of challenges, memories, enthusiasm, and surely positive energy. Being engaged in such a strong corporate culture, integrating the team and their values, sharing their experience and knowledge, discovering myself from another angle: these are exactly what in reality meant for me to be a part of Ameria’s team.

I strongly believe this kind of projects will continue and soon more students will get the opportunities to demonstrate themselves in a professional platform. AIWA-SF is a great example how to empower future leaders all over the world. My cooperation with AIWA-SF has is just started and hopefully it will go on.


Astghik Vardanyan is one of the four AIWA-SF Scholarship recipients. She is currently a student at the American University in Armenia (AUA).  As part of the AIWA-SF Scholarship, students are required to do an internship with one of our partners. Pairing both academic excellence with practical work experience helps further empower and prepare the next generation of global leaders.  We welcome any donations to our academic programs.

To learn more about AIWA, please visit To get involved with the AIWA-SF affiliate, please visit or email

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