Anet’s Collection Partners with AIWASF

San Francisco – Anet’s Collection announces a partnership with AIWA-SF to give back during the holidays. We are delighted that Anet’s Collection has created promo code AIWASF and we hope you use it! Enter AIWASF at checkout to receive 10% off your purchase + free shipping, and Anet’s Collection will donate 15% to AIWA-SF in support of the organization’s mission to empower Armenian women worldwide.

Her collections are beautiful and moving, from the Armenian Alphabet scarf to neckties, each piece tells a story of culture, beauty and empowerment.  We hope you will enjoy her wearable art as much as we do, we ask that you support her and AIWASF!

About Anet – Anet Abnous is an Armenian artist whose vision is feminine beauty and nazelli-scarfempowerment. Her wearable pieces are modern, historic, meaningful and sentimental.  Anet’s art is deeply compelling and culturally diverse. She juxtaposes the vibrant colors and impeccable details of traditional Armenian costumes and art. Her paintings are housed in several private collections and have been showcased in galleries in New York, Rhode Island, California, and Korea. She has been published in Asbury Park, Burbank Leader, NY Art Magazine, and more.

AIWA-SF Mission: Promote and enrich the social, economic and personal advancement of Armenian women worldwide through educational and community activities that promote gender equity, opportunity and emphasize our Armenian cultural heritage.

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