Christine Soussa featured in new leadership book “Grow Wherever You Work”

Los Gatos, CA – Armenian International Women’s Association San Francisco (AIWA-SF) is proud to announce that Bay Area Affiliate President, Christine Soussa is featured in Grow Wherever You Work, by bestselling author Joanna Barsh. The leadership book, captures diverse and impactful learnings from rising leaders across a multitude of disciplines. It provides powerful, unvarnished advice for growing through the work challenges that rising leaders face.

The book is filled with honest insights you won’t find anywhere else. Christine’s story focuses on how to channel passion for being at your personal best regardless of the circumstance. Her philosophy entails a mixture of self awareness, courage and deliberate choices.  Highlighting the importance of grits and gravitas along with love and empathy. Her honest story is heartfelt and full of great insights. We live in a busy world and how we choose to show up impacts everything, especially how we collaborate, contribute and decide to live life. Her journey thus far reminds us the importance of being present against all odds, persistent and above all true to yourself.

joana barshJoanna Barsh is a Director Emerita at McKinsey & Company where she has worked for over 30 years and has global experience leading growth strategies. An in-demand speaker who has given many talks and held over 100 workshops at global companies. Joanna has also worked closely with Lean In, the International Council on Women’s Business Leadership, Fortune, the Wall Street Journal and others as an advocate for women’s advancement.  She is also the creator of the popular Centered Leadership program and author of best selling book How Remarkable Women Lead.



54d1d83b808ebeb871753258_Headshot_ChristineChristine Anne Soussa is a successful sales executive, having held roles at Symantec, VeriSign and The Walt Disney Company.  She recently joined Equinix as a Sr. Account Executive. Christine has a zestful love for life and celebration. She loves to travel and spend time with her family. She received her Bachelors degree in Political Science with an emphasis in International Relations and English with an emphasis in Writing and Rhetoric from Pepperdine University.




Be sure to pre-purchase the book, which formally releases on October 20, 2017!

Click on the links below to purchase:






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