This Saturday: “Armenian Women Preserving Cultural Heritage”

Please join us for a night of beauty as AIWA-SF celebrates: “Armenian Women Preserving Cultural Heritage”

The event is around the corner: Saturday November 15, 2014. You can purchase tickets online at Eventbrite or can RSVP via email and purchase tickets at the door {Email:}

Along with our impressive Armenian women, we feel exceptionally blessed that Arev Petrosyan has created a masterpiece, SER that will be auctioned.  This is a rare opportunity as Arev’s work is sought after by international art collectors.  SER was specifically created for AIWA-SF, and was inspired by the vision and mission of our organization to empower Armenian women and young girls worldwide.  This incredible work of art symbolizes the future of our rich and beautiful culture of perseverance, heritage, love and community.


We are delighted to honor Armenian women who are notably preserving our cultural heritage:

Our guest of honor for the evening, Grace Andonian, will be celebrated for her dedication to educating our Armenian youth as the Principle of KZV Armenian School.


Arev Petrosyan– Internationally celebrated Artist. Auction of masterpiece SER.


Lory Tatoulian – Actress, Playwright and Comedian.  We cannot wait for Lory to humor us.

Lory_cover 1

Lilit Pipoian – Singer visiting from Armenia


We are looking forward special performances by Lilit Pipoian and Actress, Playwright and Comedian Lory Tatoulian.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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