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AIWA-SF: Remembering our 2018 Gala

Palo Alto, CA – Two years ago AIWA-SF hosted a spectacular gala in Palo Alto. Bringing together our multi-generational community to celebrate the impact of our collective extraordinary abilities.  The formal gala themed “Bridging Our Worlds” focused on inspiring our “whole selves” our hearts, minds and spirits, to be a part of something greater than ourselves. The curated evening agenda was passionate, insightful, and memorable. Guests enjoyed a spectacular silent auction, thoughtful panel discussion, profound keynote and heartwarming award ceremony. We are grateful to all who attended, contributed and participated. As the event was streaming via Facebook Live, the event had global reach.

Insightful panel with Kim Bardakian, Stephanie Adrouny and Arra G. Yerganian.

Panel 2

Incredible keynote speech by Magdalena Yeșil.

Magdalena KeyNote_1

AIWA-SF awarded Tumo CEO, Marie Lou Papazian the Outstanding Leadership and Impact Award. Tumo has positively and permanently touched the lives of over 20,000 students and individuals.

Founding President Gaiane Khachatryan was presented the Visionary Leader award.

Nicole Saghatelian with the Rising Star award, who after visiting Armenia wrote an endearing letter that raised $30,000.

Our amazing MC, Ani N. Shabazian, ED.M, PhD. ensured our guests had a memorable evening of connection, friendship and joy.


We remain wholeheartedly dedicated to inspiring, impacting and connecting our shared global spirit. We invite everyone to participate in the extraordinary opportunities we have to make positive and lasting impact.

Here are some highlights from that evening.



Special Thanks:

Hilma Photography , DJ Raffy, David Corona, ALL our silent auction contributors. Thank you to all who attended and participated, it was truly a community event.

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